• The team in August at SMLMS 2023 (hosted at the IMP)

Francisco Balzarotti

Group Leader

Francisco studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires, where he then pursued a PhD in Optics and Plasmonics. As postdoctoral researcher, he worked in the field of Super Resolution Microscopy, developing innovative microscopy concepts at the Department of NanoBiophotonics at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, led by Nobel Laureate Stefan W. Hell.
Since 2020, he is a Group Leader at the Research Institute for Molecular Pathology and also counts with the support of the European Research Council



Karina Arellano Ayala

Senior Research Assistant

Karina studied Chemistry at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico, where she then pursued a Master in Biotechnology. She got her PhD in Microbiology at Handong Global University in South Korea. As postdoctoral researcher, she studied the link between pks+ E. coli and H. pylori infection and the development of colon and stomach cancer at the Infection oncology group at the University Universitäts Klinikum Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) in Germany. Since September 2023, she has been senior research assistant in the Balzarotti Lab.



Jakub Dokulil

MSc Student

Jakub and physics was a love at first sight. He did his bachelor’s in Physical Engineering and Nanotechnology at TU Brno. He also helped in the FabLab Experience mobile workshop, presenting the new technologies to the pupils. Jakub is doing his master’s in physics at University of Vienna. He is enthusiastic about new technologies. He likes to spend his free time climbing with friends or hiking in the mountains.



Maximilian Korbinian Geismann

PhD Candidate

Max studied Computer Engineering (Bachelor’s) and Electrical Engineering (Master’s) at the TU Wien in Vienna. In his Master thesis he investigated pole expansions for the scattering matrix of complex scattering systems. Max plays drums and acoustic guitar and is in general passionate about music. Besides that he enjoys discussing physics and libre software.



Alba Gómez-Segalàs

PhD Candidate

Alba holds a B.Sc in physics from the University of Barcelona and continued with M.Sc in Optics and Photonics at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology. In her Master’s Thesis she worked on non-invasive optical detection technologies for skin spectra in the mid-infrared.



Juan Augusto Maya


Juan Augusto studied Electrical Engineering in the University of Buenos Aires, where he then pursued a PhD in Statistical Signal Processing. Since 2018, he is an Assistant Professor at University of Buenos Aires, and since 2019 he is an Adjunct Researcher at the national council for scientific research (CONICET) in Argentina. Since September 2023, he joined to the IMP. His background is on algorithms design for digital communication systems, localization and tracking problems. On the personal side, he has a beautiful family, and he has played basketball for more than 30 years.



Alessandro Passera

PhD Candidate

Alessandro studied Molecular Biology at the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa). He worked on piRNAs at CRUK Cambridge for his Bachelor’s thesis and did metabolic imaging of neurons for his Master’s. He liked imaging and biophysics so much that now he wants to check just how small you can go in a cell. In his free time, he likes to act, both in the VBC Amateur Dramatic Club and as a main stage improviser at American Improv.



Simon Roschger

Research assistant/MSc Student

Simon received his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Physics and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology (TU-Wien). For his bachelor thesis he worked in the biophysics group of Gerhard Schütz on single molecule tracking in supported lipid bilayers. During his master studies he started an internship in the Balzarotti-Lab and now supports the group as a research assistant. His specialty is modifying and improving fluorescence microscopy systems. Simon’s other passions are music, building stringed instruments and traveling.



Mehrta Shirzadian

PhD Candidate

Mehrta studied theoretical computer science for her BSc and mathematical modelling for her MSc. She likes interdisciplinary research, where input from several fields is necessary to solve the problem – it is no surprise why she finds herself at home in the Balzarotti lab. When not working she enjoys reading novels, painting , visiting amusement parks and traveling. At the end of the day you can usually find her around the campus, socialising to unwind after work.



Paul Welzl

PhD Candidate

Paul studied Biochemistry at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He worked on optical tweezers assays during his bachelor thesis and investigated protein structures of the human E-complex for his Master’s. Paul usually spends his free time climbing, hiking or socializing with friends.



Francisco Matos (MSc. student, 2023)

Anna Deputatova (VBC summer school, 2023)